There’snow Place Like Alberta

I recently saw a Facebook post which went something like this:

Mother Nature: “You can’t fit four seasons into one day”

Alberta: “Hold my beer…”

Clearly Mother Nature took umbrage and decided to punish Alberta by removing two of the seasons altogether. Apparently we now go straight from winter to summer, and from summer back to winter. I would usually scoff at those people who moan that winter has arrived in September, remembering those glorious, balmy Octobers that typically follow on the heels of shocking September freeze-ups. But looking at the long-range forecast isn’t filling my poor heart with optimism. Could this be the year when winter really does arrive in place of Fall?

As I ponder this question, the plants at Bloomfield Garden Centre languish under something between frost and a polar ice-cap, and gardening is far from the minds of our customers. Ah, the joys of running a seasonal business!

There is some warmth to be found on this chilly day – in the form of delicious, spicy garlic! We’re off to take part in the 6th Annual Garlic Fare and Growers’ Exchange¬†at Golden Acres. This year several of the Village merchants partnered on a garlic enterprise – Tarance and I, along with Jeremy from Sunshine Earthworks, Mike from Living Soil Solutions and Jason from Leaf Ninjas. Last October we planted 17 different varieties with a view to picking our two or three favourite ones. In July we enjoyed the garlic scapes, and in August the harvest was in. Now, having had a few weeks to dry, the bulbs are ready to sell and share. Yum!


Even Huckleberry came out to help with the garlic harvest










Now the smell of garlic permeates the garden centre, our offices, the quonset, our house – and probably our every pore. This is the place to be if you’re concerned about vampires!

If we don’t see you today, we’ll also have garlic for sale at our Love Local Market on Saturday September 29th from 10am to 3pm, as well as other Village-grown produce, BC fruit and fabulous locally made products from our talented vendors. Make sure you put it in your calendar and come on out!





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