Pork Cuts

Here are the pork cuts you will receive:


You will choose between a combination of roasts, shoulder steaks and ground pork.


This can be taken as a whole loin, boneless chops or bone-in chops.


This can be taken as a whole tenderloin, or can be left with bone-in chops to create a ‘t-bone’ style cut.


These can be left as a whole rack, or cut in half to form short, ‘sweet-and-sour-style’ ribs.


This can be left whole or cut into 1lb pieces, and with the skin on or off.


Can be left whole (for those who might need a big piece for prosciutto or some other culinary adventure). Or can be provided as smaller roasts, or ground pork.


Cut up, or whole.

Other pieces

You’ll also be asked whether you want to take organs (heart, liver and kidneys) soup bones, bones for pets, the head and the tail.

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