Free-Range, Farm-Raised Pork


Farm-raised, free-range pork from Pork and Beans at Greentree Village is humanely raised and free range. Because our pigs all have 1/4 wild boar in their lineage it makes our pork leaner and tastier.

Here’s what makes our pork special:

  • 1/4 wild boar – wild boar is tasty, lean and low in cholesterol, and you’ll notice the difference when you taste Bloomfield pork
  • Humanely raised with room to roam and run in the fresh air
  • Fed without hormones

What you need to know about buying farm pork

1: How much to buy

When you buy pork from Bloomfield, you have the following choices:

2: How to take a whole or half pork

Most people will choose to take their pork processed into ready-to-use ‘retail’ cuts, including ribs, roasts and chops etc. We can also accommodate if you prefer to take the pig intact and do the cutting yourself.

3. How much pork you will get from a pig

  • Our pigs are shipped when they reach a weight of approximately 250 pounds.
  • Customers are charged for the hanging weight, which is the full weight of the carcass with the hide, blood and inedible organs removed.
  • A 250 pound pig will typically yield about 200 pounds of hanging weight.
  • Once the meat is processed into ‘retail’ cuts, 200 pounds of hanging weight will typically yield about 150 pounds of meat for your freezer. This varies slightly with every pig.

4. What you pay

You will pay $3.95 per pound  for the hanging weight of your pork, plus harvest, cut and wrap and GST. This translates to up to about $7 per pound for packaged cuts, but read on as we explain that further:

  • If the hanging weight of a 250 pound pig is 200 pound, the cost is $790 for a whole pork or $395 for a half pork for the hanging weight price.
  • Harvest is $50 per half.
  • Cut and wrap is $200 per pork, or $100 per half pork (although taking your half or whole pork without cut and wrap is also an option).

For a whole pork, the cost is typically $1040* plus GST for about 150 pounds of individually packaged, table-ready cuts. That’s up to about $7 per pound for delicious, farm-raised pork that’s ready to go straight into your fridge or freezer.

PLEASE NOTE: Every pork is different, and the yields vary slightly. It will also vary depending on the cuts you select. Please be prepared for a yield/cost slightly lower or higher than that.

5. Where to pick up

You will receive a text once your pork is ready for pick-up from here at Greentree Village. It’s important that you come the same day as your pork will be in our refrigerated space, but you’ll want to get it into your freezer as soon as possible.

Delivery in the Calgary and Strathmore areas can also be arranged for a fee.

Check what cuts you will get, here

Call Tarance on 403-650-5635 or email now to ask about upcoming availability dates and to place your order